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Since as far as I can remember, what fascinates me is what people think, what they experience and especially the way they feel.

I thus went toward psychology and ended with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in the 90s.

I wanted to be a therapist, a psychologist or something of the kind. I did not know back then that we have to take care of ourselves at first to be capable to really take care of others.

I then worked in the field of the human suffering, with diversified clienteles, to touch on everything. At first at Louis-H. Lafontaine, then at the Auberge des Jeunes of Montreal, at the listening service of Tel-Aide, for the Institut de réadaptation de Montréal and more recently at the Maison Monbourquette and at the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre. I continued to form by following various seminars of diverse approaches.

Then, life brought me to Martinique for a duration of 6 years, where I worked in the marketing researches, then in United States during 4 years, in the international transport.

On returning to Canada, I got acquainted with the energy practice and hypnosis. Those extraordinary approaches answer all my expectations and reconciled me with my passion of and for people.

I learned to integrate into my body and my heart, notions formerly intellectual and to my opinion incomplete. I learned to take care of myself, my potential, to love myself, to become a powerful tool for healing me at first and then for others.

After all, how could a broken instrument make a good sound?

I offer to you, to make what the energy practice and hypnosis has made for me. To teach you to take care of yourself, your potential and to love yourself and become a powerful tool of healing for yourself.